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Welcome to the Multi-Passionate Mastery Podcast [Episode 1]

December 6, 2021

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Welcome to the Multi-Passionate Mastery Podcast! The podcast where creatives come to embrace their talents as a gift, not a burden. I cannot express how excited I am to bring this podcast to you, and it’s been a long time coming.


The Long Journey to Episode 1

You know when you have a passion project or dream project but it stays in your “someday” category? That’s how this podcast has been for me. Because it could be done at any time, it started to turn into something that felt like it was never going to happen at all. So I hired a 1:1 podcast coach to help me get it together.

As we started mapping out the first season and getting everything ready, something interesting happened. I put a ton of barriers in between myself and getting started.

Has that ever happened to you where you know that you want to do something, and it feels super exciting, and yet there’s a part of you that resists. There’s a part of you that feels almost scared of how amazingly good it could be. That’s where I was.

I was doing course launches and launching a group program and refining my email marketing funnels and updating my website. Any other project that I could do that would come before the podcast, that’s what I was prioritizing. Finally, I reached out to my podcast coach and I let her know, “Hey, I’m not recording, and I don’t know what’s going on with me.”

She also does mindset work so we started to think about the blocks that come with this kind of project. And we realized that it doesn’t feel “productive” to be spending time recording a podcast because the results are not immediate.

There are so many places in our lives and in business where we get an immediate result. We post on social, we see the engagement. We send out an email, we get a few sales, right? With the podcast, it’s a lot of work upfront and then the reward comes later. It can feel like a long journey.

And Then I Lost my Voice

So after we got all of that mindset stuff together, I was like, okay, I’m ready to go. Let’s dive in. I’m going to start recording! And I kid you not just as I was getting amped up, I lost my voice. I don’t mean figuratively. I mean, I literally lost my voice. I was on Voxer trying to communicate with my VA and she was like, “Are you okay? Oh, my goodness. Your voice is totally gone.”

Ironically while my voice was gone all I could think about was recording the podcast!
What losing my voice showed me was that having a voice is a gift. And if I make the choice to use it and show up here, record this first episode and reach out to you with my voice, there is an opportunity for that to have a very powerful ripple effect in the lives of multi-passionates and that’s all that’s exactly what I’m going I’m to do.

So, the minute my voice came back, I put all my excuses in a box on a shelf and decided to stop waiting for these perfect conditions to arrive for me to be ready.

If you have a dream project that you want to put forward into the world, be mindful of the places where you start to push that on the back burner just because it may not yield an immediate result. Understand and observe your process. Be curious about it.You will learn something, but more than anything just get started.

The Story of Choosing Myself

Now that we’ve talked about how I finally got to the place of recording this first episode, I want to give you a brief introduction into who I am and what you can expect from season one of the Multi-Passionate Mastery Podcast. 

My name is D’Ana Joi, and I am a multi-passionate creativity educator, content creator, writer, musician, community builder, mentor. The list goes on and on. I am unapologetically multi-passionate. 

It wasn’t always this way. There was a time in my early twenties where I felt like it was time to finally figure out what I was going to do with my life. I was graduating from college and immediately I felt this pressure to choose one thing. 

Was I going to be a writer? Was I going to be a singer?

When I tried to choose one thing, I would feel this sadness that I was leaving so many of my other passions behind. Can you relate to that? 

Finally, I woke up one day and I was like enough is enough. 

Choosing one thing isn’t working for me so I’m going to choose the opposite. I’m going to choose myself. And I thought instead of choosing one thing, I’ll choose one platform. And that’s when I started the Joi Knows How blog. 

The name was inspired by the fact that because I did not want to be confined to talking about one thing. I wanted this blog to feel like my creative playground. I blogged about plant care, self care, home decor, journaling prompts, affirmations. I blogged about all the things that I knew how to do. 

I wrote a blog post called, “It’s Time to Start Celebrating Multi-Passionates.” And when I was writing this blog post, I felt like a book wanted to come out of me. I was so excited to share my perspective on why the world is ready to fully embrace multi-passionates. 

After hitting publish, I immediately started getting comments and DMs about how much that blog post was resonating. People would send me emails and say, “I just read this blog post and I’m in tears. I’ve never felt so seen.” 

About a year later, I started coaching. Then, I started creating courses and it all snowballed into the business that I have today. Along with this podcast, I also have an e-book called Finally Focused that you’ll hear a lot about. I have a signature course. I run a group coaching program and I’m really building my dream business the way that I want to.

For all my Human Design fanatics out there. I am a 2/4 emotional authority Manifestor.

And for my astrology nerds out there, I am a Sagittarius sun and a Sagittarius moon, and a Pisces rising. 

All right, enough about me. Let’s talk about what you can expect from this podcast.

What to Expect from Season 1

Season one of the Multi-Passionate Mastery Podcast is going to be all about how to find focus the multi-passionate way. I’m dedicating an entire season to the topic of focus because from working within the multi-passionate community for several years, the number one thing that comes up if I say, “Hey, what are you struggling with right now?” is focus. 

I’m not just here to pump you up and get you excited about being multi-passionate. I want you to have tools in your creative toolkit that you can use in order to truly be able to embrace your talents as a gift and not a burden. Focus is one of those tools. 

I’ll be sharing about my 3-Part Focus Framework a ton and it’s going to be SO good. 

You can expect value-packed, quick episodes that are going to support your multi-passionate journey whether you are an entrepreneur, building your dream business on the side, or are totally happy with a more traditional job setting, but you want to start making space for your passion projects. All of that is welcome here.

I’m so excited to bring this to you. I cannot wait to really dive into focus as a multi-passionate for season one. There’s also going to be some bonus episodes that I cannot wait to share with you as well! 
I hope to see you back here in the next episode where we will be talking about three common myths about multi-passionates and focus that you need to stop believing right now. Chat soon!


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Multi-Passionate Mastery Podcast with D’Ana Joi Episode 1
Multi-Passionate Mastery Podcast with D’Ana Joi Episode 1


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