WTF Is Intensive Focus?! + Why You Need it as a Multi-Passionate [Episode 3]

December 7, 2021

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I’m so excited to share with you today what Intensive Focus is and why you need it as a multi-passionate. Let’s get into it by starting with what exactly Intensive Focus is.

Intensive focus is something that I’ve defined based on my own experience and experiments with Focus as a multi-passionate and it’s also the first part of the 3-part Focus Framework that I teach in my e-book

It’s what I like to think of as “big picture” focus. The name is not as important as what it represents and the transformation that it offers.

What is Intensive Focus?

Intensive Focus is intentional, uninterrupted time that you set aside to do big picture planning, re-align with your priorities, and reconnect with your deeper “why.”

To work with Intensive Focus you’ll want to:

  • Carve out a stretch of uninterrupted time where you can be completely alone.
  • If working in open spaces helps you think more clearly (and the weather permits) consider going outdoors.
  • Have a place to write down your thoughts like a notebook, planner, or blank dry-erase board.
  • You’re also gonna wanna bring some snacks and something to drink!

Think of this as going to a “conference of one.”

When you walk into a conference, they have everything you need to be comfortable so that you can focus on what’s happening. Treat Intensive Focus time like this too. Set yourself up for success by having everything you need within reach.

Use your Intensive Focus session to establish clarity around your priorities and big picture goals.

A simple way to do this is to grab your paper and draw a line down the middle: On one side, write down your priorities.

On the other side you’re going to write you commitments. If the two sides of the page don’t align, it’s time to make some changes!

Start Your Week with Intensive Focus

As I mention in the Finally Focused eBook, Intensive Focus energy aligns with the planetary rhythms of Monday and the New Moon. I personally love to start my week off with Intensive Focus because it provides massive CLARITY and that supports me in staying focused throughout the rest of the week.

WHY every multi-passionate needs Intensive Focus

I don’t usually like to say “you need this or you need that,” because I feel like too many coaches, mentors, and educators spend more time telling you what you need than they do reminding you to trust your inner knowing.

Because I’ve experienced first-hand the massive clarity that Intensive Focus provides for me as a multi-passionate, as well as the transformations that my clients who have put it into practice have experienced, I’m going out on a limb and saying you need it.

Here’s why:

As a multi-passionate, you likely have a lot of ideas taking up your mental space at any time. That’s your gift, but it can also feel overwhelming.

Intensive Focus is like an anchor. It pulls you back to WHY you’ll benefit from staying aligned with your priorities, and it offers an opportunity to have an honest check-in.

During your Intensive Focus Session you might ask:

  • Am I in alignment with my current projects?
  • Do I have systems set up to support me?
  • What can I take off of my plate?
  • Are there any distractions I need to eliminate?

Without setting aside INTENTIONAL time to do this sort of check-in, it’s very difficult for multi-passionates to reach a place where they feel comfortable prioritizing one project over another.

To learn my full 3-Part Focus Framework, be sure to grab my Finally Focused e-book. Thanks for stopping by the blog today! Next I’ll share my secret for gaining massive momentum as a multi-passionate entrepreneur, stay tuned!

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What is intensive focus and why you need it as a multi-passionate, multi-passionate mastery podcast, D’Ana Joi


What is intensive focus and why you need it as a multi-passionate, multi-passionate mastery podcast, D’Ana Joi
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