How I gain Massive Momentum in my biz as a Multi-Passionate [Episode 5]

January 5, 2022

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Today I’m going to talk about how I have gained massive momentum as a multi-passionate entrepreneur. Since leaving my 9-5 less than a year ago, I have accomplished quite a bit. And before I run down this list, I want to be very clear that I am not saying that the only measure of success is how much you produce.

However, I want you to consider that there was a time when I could not complete even one project because I couldn’t focus long enough to get anything done.

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These days, I have mastered my relationship with focus, and that’s why I’m dedicating the entire first season of this podcast to the topic of focus. And it’s also why I wrote my ebook called Finally Focused

In that ebook, I teach you my 3-Part Focus Framework and how you can use it and experiment with it to create your own unique relationship with focus as a multi-passionate. And that’s exactly what I’ve done to gain massive momentum.

A Few Things Staying Focused has Helped Me Accomplish

Since leaving my job in less than a year:

  • I wrote and published my first ebook.
  • I created a signature group coaching program with amazing clients.
  • I’ve created a signature course all about project management for multi-passionates where I took my experience from working as a project manager in my last 9-5 and put it in the context of being multi-passionate and how project management can really serve you. 
  • I’ve experimented with various business models, such as a pop-up membership. And I have not been afraid to take risks and try things that I have not seen done before. 
  • I hired my first VA, and our working relationship is something that I am extremely proud of because we work so well together. 
  • And I launched a podcast! 
  • I’ve also been sending emails to my Love Letter List consistently.
  • I’ve maintained a presence on social media that is not draining because I honor my own energy and will take breaks as I need to. 
  • I’ve updated my website with a complete rebrand and even did a collaboration with my friends over at Tonic Site Shop, where they shared the story of how I used their templates and they blasted that to their audience.
  • I’ve written a guest article for the Rising Tide Society blog. 
  • I was featured in the Multi-Passionate Must-Haves Bundle curated by Emilie Wapnick
  • I was also added to her directory as a featured coach to work with if you are a multi-passionate.

Why This Matters


I am not just proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish, but I’m proud of the fact that I accomplished even just a single one of these things because there was a time in my life where I did not have a relationship with Focus that supported me with completing what I started. 

So let’s talk about how I gain momentum and how I finish what I start, and how you can to. Specifically, Active Focus is what I want to talk to you about today.

What is Active Focus, and how can it help you gain momentum?

Active Focus is the type of focus that we all know so well. I lovingly call it “messy bun, get it done” energy. It’s the type of focus that we’re using when we are doing the actual work that needs to be done in order to move a project forward all the way through to completion.

When you’re writing the email and scheduling it out, or recording the modules for your course, that’s Active Focus!

It’s very powerful for multi-passionates to have a positive relationship with this type of focus in order to gain momentum. And it’s not as difficult as it may seem when you use my 3-Part Focus Framework.

Tip: If you want to learn my entire Focus Framework from top to bottom, my eBook is the perfect place to start, grab it here!

How I use Active Focus to gain momentum in my business


After having my Intensive Focus session on Monday, I dedicate Tuesdays to being my Active Focus day. I don’t take calls on Tuesdays. The only calls that I’ll ever do on Tuesday are group coaching calls with my clients, and those tend to be in the later afternoon so that I can get any work done that I need to get done earlier in the day.

I like to do this on Tuesdays because Tuesdays are ruled by Mars, and Mars has an energy that kicks us into high gear and helps us get things done.

I also create what I like to call my “Active Focus Hit List,” and I provide a checklist where you can do this in my eBook. When I write out my Active Focus Hit List, I make sure that I’m aware of any subtasks that also go into the main task that I’m writing down.

Subtask Clarity

I mentioned that I created a signature course recently, and that course has a module called Subtask Clarity.

Subtask Clarity means that when you write down a task, you know that it’s not just one task. You’re looking at the main task and then all the smaller tasks that are going to contribute to bringing the main task to completion. 

Knowing this and planning out my schedule and my task lists in this way helps me to create a realistic list of what I can get done from one day to the next. It also helps me track my progress and know exactly where I’ve left off if I need to pick something back up the next day.

I teach all about this in my Project Management Course for Creatives.

Front-loading My Tasks

The reason I front-load my Active Focus task on Tuesdays is because whatever does not get completed, I can allocate throughout the rest of the week.

This is how I gain massive momentum.

I know it’s simple, but it works!

Front-loading my tasks on the day when I have the most energy helps me to feel that I’m honoring myself and my personal relationship with focus. 

I know that Tuesdays are a high-energy day because not only are they ruled by Mars, as I mentioned, but I have already had my Intensive Focus session on Monday. Once I’ve got that clarity, then it’s time to create momentum. And that’s where my Active Focus sessions come in. 

So, by front-loading my tasks on Tuesdays and then allocating whatever doesn’t get done throughout the rest of the week, knowing exactly what’s going into a task, including the subtasks, I gain massive momentum in my business every single week.

It really is that simple.


Let’s talk about how I gain massive momentum as a multi-passionate entrepreneur and how you can too!


The importance of Taking Breaks

Taking breaks ensures that I’m not glazing over or working myself beyond my tipping point. And the more often that I can honor my own flow of energy, the more momentum I gain because focusing on the task in front of me doesn’t feel daunting. It feels energizing.

But if we never take breaks, and if we just try to work all the way through the entire afternoon and skip lunch just because we want to get something done, then focusing feels like something that we want to dread.

By using all three types of focus in my framework, I get excited about my Active Focus sessions. I show up ready and committed to doing what I need to do in order to gain momentum.

Delegating Creates Momentum

Let me be completely transparent: A lot of what I’ve been able to accomplish is because I have the most amazing virtual assistant ever, and I know how to delegate and communicate very clearly to her what my needs are from one week to the next.

She has all the tools that she needs in order to feel confident in her tasks. I teach about delegating as a creative in my signature course, which you can find HERE if you’re interested.

Environments that Create Focus

Sticking to my framework and actually looking forward to focusing and getting work done is a huge part of what’s helped me gain momentum. Delegating to my virtual assistant is another really big piece as well. The third piece is I create environments that support my focus. 

If I’m having trouble focusing at home, I pack up my bag, and I go to the coffee shop. I don’t wander around my house, wondering why I can’t get it together because that’s just creating frustration around the topic of focus. I want to keep my energy in my relationship with focus clear and open and supportive.

Tip: If you’re trying to focus and your environment is distracting you, change your environment instead of beating yourself up for not being able to stay focused!

Focusing is Fun!

Focusing is fun, and I never thought I would say that as a multi-passionate. Sometimes I’m shook at the fact that I wrote an ebook about focus because several years ago I was someone who simply just could not do it. I couldn’t focus.

I didn’t know what to start with first, and I didn’t know what to prioritize. And I didn’t know how to move the needle because I had so much I wanted to do, and I just wanted to do everything. If you can relate to that feeling, I definitely want you to check out my ebook. What I teach in there, that 3-Part Focus Framework, it’s simple, but it works. We don’t have to overcomplicate things in order to see super impactful results.

Check out the Finally Focused eBook HERE.


Let’s talk about how I gain massive momentum as a multi-passionate entrepreneur and how you can too!


Let’s Recap

  • The number one thing that has helped me gain massive momentum in my business as a multi-passionate creative is working my 3-Part Focus Framework.

    When you feel excited about focusing, and it’s not something that you dread, completing your task is inevitable because you actually want to do it. I cannot stress how powerful that is and the massive momentum it creates in your business.


  • When I’m making my list of tasks, I’m not just thinking about the main thing I want to accomplish. I’m looking at all of the subtasks that also go into it.

    This helps me map out my days in a more realistic way, and it lets me accomplish my goals instead of feeling like I’m always catching up and behind.


  • I delegate to my virtual assistant.

    If there are things that I don’t actually need to be doing that I could easily explain to her, I let her handle it. That gives me so much time and energy back and has absolutely helped me gain a TON momentum.

    Shout out to my amazing VA, Maggie. I so appreciate you! 🙂


  • And lastly, I create environments that support my focus.

    If the setting isn’t conducive for focusing, I switch up my surroundings vs trying to force myself to focus in the midst of an unsupportive environment.


All of the above are things that you can try as well! I hope that my story about how I finally learned to not only finish what I start but keep that momentum going has been inspiring for you.

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Let’s talk about how I gain massive momentum as a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur and how you can too!

Let’s talk about how I gain massive momentum as a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur and how you can too!




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