Quickie: What is your bare maximum?

June 29, 2022

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Welcome to Multi-Passionate Mastery quickies. These bite-size episodes will give you inspiration, motivation, or something interesting to think about as you move through the rest of your week. This quickie is from my burnout survivors, those of you who have reached the edge of energetic exhaustion and have vowed to never get there again.

Sometimes when we find ourselves on that rocky edge of burnout, we then decide that we are going to never overwork ourselves, and we can go all the way to the other extreme of deciding that we are going to do the bare minimum. We’re going to give minimum amount of effort because we want to protect our energy. And when that happens, a lot of times, what we find is we are then unsatisfied with our results because bare minimum input can sometimes lead to bare minimum output.

If you find yourself in a place where you’re giving the bare minimum, but you’re unsatisfied with the results that you’re getting, I want you to consider what is your bare maximum? What that means is: what does it look like for you to do what you know you are capable of without overextending yourself, without wavering on your personal boundaries, and without sacrificing your energetic bandwidth? What are you willing to do while also protecting your energy?

When you can answer that question, you have reached the sweet spot of finding what your bare maximum is. This could look like you are going to at least post on stories three times a week, but you’re not that concerned about the static posts that go on your feed because at least connecting three times a week in a way that feels easier for you, that can be your bare maximum.

Maybe this looks like sending out an email once a week but totally disregarding social while you get some of your energy back. Sending out that email once a week and making that non-negotiable, maybe that’s your bare maximum. In a personal way, this could look like making sure that you eat a salad with every single one of your meals, even if it’s just a little bowl of lettuce on the side because you are committed to having more leafy greens in your diet.

Maybe having a side salad with every meal is your bare maximum. It doesn’t mean that you’re creating an elaborate salad as the main part of your dish, but you’re still having that on the side. That’s what I mean by bare maximum. So ask yourself this question: what’s my bare maximum? And apply that question to whatever you’re working toward.

This will help you still continue to honor those boundaries that you set for yourself when you overcame burnout the last time while also pushing through and giving a little bit more effort so you can get the results that you desire.

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