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Multi-Passionate Mastery 

Ready to embrace your talents as a gift, not a burden?

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Multi-Passionate Mastery is the practice of opting out of forcing yourself to be a specialist, and choosing to embrace the magic that comes with being a master of your own MULTI-PASSIONATE expression.

It's no small task, and that's why I'm committed to providing you not just with “empowerment content,” but practical tools and resources to support you along the way.

What is Multi-Passionate Mastery?

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Explore why forcing yourself to be a specialist isn't the answer as a multi-passionate and discover the roadmap to unlocking your out-of-the-box mastery in this foundational masterclass.

What's Inside:

Learn which project to start with, how to stay engaged with your project even after the excitement wears off, how to love yourself through imposter syndrome, and so much more in the replay of this live workshop.


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Break free from feeling overwhelmed by your ideas with simple and practical tips that you can implement today.

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It's amazing what can happen in 90-days. Learn the power of creating a Season of Focus as a multi-passionate and how to stay on track with our beautiful interactive planner.

"Through Joi's teachings and guidance, I've been able to embrace my multiple passions, which has enhanced my own work. I'm so grateful that she had the courage to create her framework for multi-passionates like me who feel like their gifts are not meant to be narrowed down to one thing.”

- Christan Wilson

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This simple integration activity will reveal where you are in relationship to focus and offer insights for next steps to take. Includes interactive worksheets!

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Is it time to pivot? How do you create a plan that's graceful and empowering for both you and your community? We'll cover it all in this masterclass!

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Say goodbye to one-off trends and a gazillion features to keep up with and HELLO to the magic of email marketing. Whether you're just starting your list or want to infuse more of your creativity, this masterclass is for you.

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The results you're going to get:

How does this sound?

the exact steps you'll take along your path to multi-passionate mastery.

Actionable tools that are so easy to implement, you can get started today.

a no-fluff, self-paced experience Designed to keep you engaged and inspired.

You'll finally feel seen and supported as a multi-passionate!

The freeing experience of learning from a multi-passionate who will never ask you to fit into a box that wasn't built for you.

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*You will have access to the product for as long as Joi Knows How LLC is operating in business and is able to deliver the product in a digital format. Basically "lifetime access" but in legal terms!

My full name is D'Ana (dee-on-uh) Joi. I go by my middle name because the internet can't handle apostrophes (I know, so silly) and Joi is a great way to describe my overall energy anyway.

I'm a multi-passionate creative educator, speaker, writer, musician, content creator, and podcast host.

My mission is to rewrite the narrative that "choosing one thing" is the only path to success, and inspire fellow multi-passionates to embrace their talents as a gift, not a burden.

It's time to step out of the box that was never meant for you and into your Multi-Passionate Mastery.

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“Joi has provided the tools and inspiration that I need along my entrepreneurial journey as a multi-passionate. I haven't seen anyone out there teaching the things she does.”

- Beth Cyr Kroh |

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Someone once DM'd me and said "I'm new to your work, where should I start?" My answer is simple. Start with this bundle.

This      for you if:

You Identify as a multi-passionate creative.

You don't enjoy self-paced content.

You're tired of filtering advice that doesn't apply to you.

YOU clicked this link on accident!

you're ready to learn a refreshing approach to embracing your talents as a gift, not a burden.

It's probably        for you if...

You aren't willing to embrace a new perspective.



I already have the Finally Focused eBook, should I still get this bundle? 

YES. The eBook has the "Focus Audit" training in the product portal as a bonus, but otherwise, the content in this bundle is independent from what is in the eBook. We do review the focus framework briefly so if you already read the eBook, you'll have the opportunity to integrate further!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have lifetime access to this product?

You will have access to the product for as long as Joi Knows How LLC is operating in business and is able to deliver the product in a digital format. Basically "lifetime access" but in legal terms!

Nope! But I doubt that you'll want one! This bundle is packed with value that expands far beyond the dollar amount. After you dive in, you'll see what I mean. :)

Are there any refunds?

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