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Goal-setting as a multi-passionate can feel like an impossible task. You might find yourself asking: Does setting goals even work?! Are SMART goals still a thing? What’s the best way to set goals when you’re a highly multi-passionate person with a ton of ideas? And what if setting goals constantly leaves you feeling defeated instead […]

7 Refreshing Ways to Approach Goal-Setting as a Multi-Passionate

If setting goals feels like something that you do without expecting actual results, it’s probably because you haven’t learned to set goals in a way that supports you as a multi-passionate person.


Today I’m going to talk about how I have gained massive momentum as a multi-passionate entrepreneur. Since leaving my 9-5 less than a year ago, I have accomplished quite a bit. And before I run down this list, I want to be very clear that I am not saying that the only measure of success […]

How I gain Massive Momentum in my biz as a Multi-Passionate [Episode 5]

how I gain massive momentum as a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur, multipotentialite, joi knows how, D'Ana Joi


Today we’ll be discussing 3 common myths about multi-passionates and lack of focus that you can stop believing right now and 3 empowering truths about Focus to adopt instead. Focus Myth No 1: Multi-passionates lack focus because they’re all over the place. Here’s why that’s not true: Multi-passionates are gifted with many skills and talents, […]

3 Myths about Multi-Passionates and Focus [Episode 2]

3 myths about multi-passionates and focus, multi passionate mastery podcast, D’Ana Joi



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