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I’m so excited to talk to you about how I’ve been responding to the changes happening on Instagram as a multi-passionate coach. I’m recording this episode in August of 2022, a time during which the powers that be over on Instagram have basically informed everyone on the platform that we’re going to need to make […]

How I’m Responding to the Changes on Instagram as a Multi-Passionate Coach

I'm sharing how I'm approaching the changes happening on Instagram as a life coach for multi-passionates. (And no, I'm not leaving the platform altogether.), podcast for multi-passionates, multi-passionate mastery

Multi-Passionate Tips

Today I’m going to share a sneak peek of my “How to Finish What You Start as a Multi-Passionate” Workshop. I know that as a multi-passionate finishing what you start can feel like a rare occurrence. We spend a lot of time trying to figure out what we want to start and starting, getting to […]

How to Finish What You Start as a Multi-Passionate [Episode 6]

Finishing what you start is a super power as a multi-passionate! Tune into episode 6 of the Multi-Passionate Mastery Podcast to learn why.

Multi-Passionate Tips