Are you ready to finally break free from the pressure of wanting to do "all the things" at once?

Are you ready to finally break free from the pressure of wanting to do "all the things" at once? 

Hey Multi-passionate!


That's easier said than done when you're spinning in circles trying to figure out how to make sense of your life as a creative person with various interests and passions.

My personal mantra is "your talents are a gift, not a burden." But that only became true once I was able to confidently decide what my priorities would be, and could finally let go of the fear that I would bail in the middle of yet another project before reaching the finish line.

You're ready for your ideas to get out of your head and into the world.

you're here to make an impact.

“My ideas and thoughts are prioritized and organized. I work with joy and ease. I feel such a huge sense of relief.”

- Tiffani

Once you understand how to create clear priorities you’ll sing a new song that goes something like:

"Not only am I working on the right thing at the right time. But what I'm working on now is going to give me even more knowledge, skills, energy, and excitement for the thing that comes next."

How juicy would it feel to be able to say that?!

The only coaching program you need to learn a simple, repeatable process for bringing your ideas to life on a completely stress free timeline. Created for multi-passionates, by a multi-passionate.


Oh yes, I'm in!

Module One

You'll begin by learning how to cultivate clarity so that you can get clear on exactly what it is you (truly) want. You'll get an introduction into Human Design to learn clarity on a macro level, and learn practices you can integrate into your daily life for clarity on the micro level.

Meet the priority mapping method:

Cultivating clarity
Teach me plz

Module Two

Now that you've got clarity, it's time to stack those priorities! In this module you'll learn a simple, repeatable process for choosing which idea to act on first and which can come next, without the mind-drama and constant second-guessing.

Stacking your priorities
Um, i need this!

Module Three

Clarity? Check! Priorities? Stacked! Now let's make sure that you have all the tools you'll need to support you in staying focused until the finish line. And I'm not talking about planners or templates, I'm talking about frameworks that will change the way you think about "focus" forever.

Focus to follow through
Oh heck yes!


You'll have access to the course for a full year and that includes and updates or bonuses that are added along the way. A current client favorite is the 30-Day Momentum Challenge.

'cause why not?






The results you're going to get:

How does this sound?

You'll finally  break free from the pressure of wanting to do "all the things" at once.

You'll have a newfound sense of freedom and ease when it comes to being multi-passionate.

You'll have complete confidence in yourself to get your ideas out of your head and into the world.

You'll wave "buh-bye" to burnout and overwhelm, for good.

You'll never question if you're working on the "right thing" again.


Twice a month we'll meet on Zoom for live group coaching!

This is where you can get your specific questions answered and enjoy high-touch support as you move throughout the program. 

Plus, you'll be in a room of fellow multi-passionates who are cheering you on.

Monthly support

Our Private Community is tucked AWAY from the distractions of social media and is the perfect place to share your thoughts, insights, or questions between calls.

It's also where you can connect with fellow multi-passionates and network!

A private Community

After you've spent some time in the program and get to know and love it, you can earn some extra cash by inviting a fellow multi-passionate friend to join us!

Affiliate opportunities

You'll also get

Coming Soon!

"Being able to prioritize has made me so much more efficient because I’m not trying to do so many things at once, I’m actually able to accomplish more with ease. It is just the best feeling."

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"Everything about what makes me, me is my superpower and my willingness to use curiosity to explore all my desires and fears is how I'll write my own rules on what it means to design a multi-passionate life with no apology, regret, or fear of missing out. This program taught me that."

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A year from now you'll
wish you had started today,

so let's get started!

I asked our students  to share one thing they want you to know about the program.

Here's what a few of them had to say

“Joi brings a fresh perspective to the multi-passionate space. one that is thoughtful, reassuring, and unapologetic. If you have the opportunity to work with her, you should jump on it now.”

- Emilie Wapnick

I know you've tried your best to do this on your own, my love. You’ve tried multiple time management apps and have several half-filled planners. 
Maybe you've even read some books about productivity books (written by CIS white males, most likely). Or maybe you've read books written by women about “doing less,” but how many of them are keeping in mind your multi-passionate nature? 
Not enough or none at all.

You deserve to be coached by someone who understands what it's like to live as a multi-passionate. I'm that coach.
You deserve to map out your priorities in a way that feels good, energizing, exciting, fulfilling, freeing, fun, and easy so that you can finally break free from the pressure of doing all the things at once, and never have to question if you’re working on the “right thing” again. Let's get started today.

I want for you to experience the FULLNESS of your multi-passionate expression. And that means learning processes that are specifically designed to help you thrive.

Xo, Joi

I’d rather you to take a moment and think about this:

And if you're looking for a countdown timer or a shiny bonus, you won't find that here.

You're right, I'm ready!

Aren't you tired of waiting to wake up one day and magically have clarity, your priorities in place, and a process for following through to the finish line?

What better time is there than RIGHT NOW to learn a simple, repeatable process for creating clear priorities and start bringing EASE and FUN into your life as a multi-passionate?

What better time is there than RIGHT NOW to work with a coach who IS multi-passionate themselves and isn’t going to roll their eyes the moment you mention having more than one idea? 

What better time is there than RIGHT NOW to enter into a community of fellow multi-passionates who are on the journey with you and waiting to cheer you on?

The answers to those questions are better than any timer ticking down.

I'm the coach for multi-passionates that I wish I had early in my journey. After years of feeling like I would never be successful because I couldn't just "choose one thing" like everyone else, I stopped trying to fit into a box that was never meant for me. Instead I chose myself, in all my multi-passionate glory. 

Suddenly, the world opened up and became a lot more friendly. Fast forward several years, and my mission is to bring practical solutions to fellow multi-passionates who are ready to embrace their talents (and themselves!) as a gift, not a burden.


This is the only program you need for learning a simple, repeatable process for bringing your ideas to life on a completely stress-free timeline.

Let's do this thing.


Who exactly is this program for?

Multi-passionate creatives across any industry who want to learn how to bring their dreams to life on a completely stress-free timeline, and stop caving under the pressure to do "all the things" at once.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a safe space for all identities including non-gender binary folks?

Absolutely. I work with multi-passionates, regardless of how they choose to identify beyond that. We'll provide an intake form where you'll be able to share your desired pronouns. All are welcome here! :)

When does the program start?

The minute you sign up you'll have immediate access to the course materials, community, and live coaching call schedule. So it starts as soon as you make your payment!

Is this program only for entrepreneurs/business owners?

Nope! We have plenty of Prioritize and Thrive members who work a "support job" and are building their business on the side. Others have no intention of starting their own business at all. The method that you'll learn in the program can be applied to many areas of your life, not just business.

Are there any refunds?

There are no refunds for this program, but I doubt you'll want one anyway!

I don’t feel comfortable making this investment without having a consult call first, do you offer those?

I don't offer discover calls. However, if you’d like to ask one or two questions to feel into whether this program is a fit, you are welcome to send me a note via Instagram and I’ll send a voice message back. My handle is @multipassionatejoi.

Watch the free training

I created a free training that shares more about the method that you'll learn inside of this program. If you're still on the fence, you might enjoy watching the training! If you have a question, you're also welcome to DM me on Instagram: @multipassionatejoi

hey, love

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