How to create clear priorities as a multi-passionate when you want to do “all the things”

June 22, 2022

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It’s easy to see the benefits that creating clear priorities will have in your life, but how do you create clear priorities when you’re multi-passionate and want to do all the things?! It all starts with the thoughts you’re thinking and current mindset you have about what prioritization means. That’s what we’re going to chat about in today’s episode.

Having clear priorities is not the same as “choose one thing”

I hope that by now you know I’m never going to come on this podcast and tell you to simply “choose one thing” because I know firsthand that it’s not that simple!

You’re multi-passionate because you have many talents, many interests, and MANY ways of expressing yourself. Choosing one just one thing goes against your nature. And if you’ve tried to choose one thing over the other, then you already know how painful it can be to feel like you’re leaving other parts of yourself on the table.

That’s the last thing I want to come into your mind when you think about creating clear prioritiorities.

If you’ve been equating creating priorities with “choosing one thing” up until now, I want to give you this analogy to consider.

Think about a beautiful painting of a landscape. One that is so beautiful and has so much depth that you find yourself stepping closer and closer to it to get a better look.

Now think about the process that went into creating that painting. Imagine the painter in their studio with just a blank canvas and vision. 

First they dip their paintbrush in water to wet the canvas so that the paint can cover it smoothly.

Then they began to build the colors of the gradient sky in the background.

Next they give that a moment to dry and then begin to build hills or a mountain range, adding layer upon layer until finally they reach the fine details at the very foreground of the painting.

Can you see that scene in your mind? The canvas is your life, it’s what you get to paint on. The priorities you choose are each an element of the beautiful work of art that is your life.

The more you’re willing to embrace the layering of your priorities, by using the Priority Mapping Method that we talked about in episode 13, the more you’ll be able to enjoy your experience as the beautiful multi-passionate that you are- which brings me to my next point.

Creating clear priorities does NOT make you less multi-passionate

I’ve talked about this before in my episode titled “Why you don’t have anything to prove as a multi-passionate” being multi-passionate is a noun, not a verb. It’s about who you BE as a person, not about what you do.

You could be a specialist in your career, but bring so much creativity to what you do based on your other passions that you may still identify as multi-passionate.

There are no rules, and when you start to put yourself in the box of “I have to be doing a million things to prove I’m multi-passionate,” you’re just building another box around yourself.

If you want to hear a full episode on this concept check out episode X after this one. It’s called Why you don’t have anything to prove as a multi-passionate.When you accept that being multi-passionate is about who you are, not what you do. Then you can see why creating clear priorities doesn’t make you any less multi-passionate.

Instead, what it does is help you embrace your multi-passionate nature even more because you won’t have the fear that being multi-passionate is something that is going to get in the way of you creating the masterpiece that is your life.

When you learn how to create clear priorities the sky really is the limit for how you can express your multi-passionate experience.

To give you a few examples from my personal life, in 6 months in my business I was able to launch this podcast which is currently ranked in the top 3 suggestions on Google for podcasts for multi-passionates, build a new signature program, and welcome in our first 11 clients. continue my personal growth journey in therapy, deepen my connection with my partner, and more.

Creating clear priorities isn’t stressful (when you follow the Priority Mapping Method)

I get why creating priorities can seem like a stressful process on the surface. If you’re someone who has really struggled with this or has been trying to figure it out on your own and keep running into roadblocks along the way, it’s totally normal to associate creating priorities with a process that stresses you out.

But it doesn’t HAVE to be stressful when you follow a model for creating clear priorities that was created specifically for multi-passionates (that’s you), by a fellow multi-passionate (that’s me!).

When you follow the Priority Mapping Method, creating priorities is a process that considers you a whole person. It’s not just a mindless system for you to follow, at every stage you’re invited to discover more about yourself and it’s FUN when you approach it this way!

Here’s what one of my clients inside of my group coaching program Prioritize and Thrive, had to say:

Does she sound stressed out? No right? Here’s what another client Chanel had to say:

So, when you join Prioritize and Thrive and you work directly with me as your coach for an entire year, I can promise you that creating clear priorities will be anything but stressful. It will be fun and you’ll be surrounded by a community of fellow multi-passionates cheering you on.

I would love to help you take the stress out of creating priorities.

Let’s Recap:

You may have come into this episode expecting me to give you a step-by-step process for creating priorities as a multi-passionate, but I already did that in episode 13 where I introduced you to the Priority Mapping Method!

Today I wanted to focus on the mindset shifts and thoughts that you’re thinking about creating priorities that may be holding you back from getting started. I would love to know how this landed for you. Share a screenshot on Instagram and tag me, my new handle is @multipassionatejoi- whenever you share I always send a personal message back and love connecting with you!

Alright my love, that’s it for today, I’ll see in the next episode.

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It’s easy to see the benefits that creating clear priorities will have in your life, but how do you create clear priorities when you’re multi-passionate and want to do all the things?!


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