Cast a Spell for Embracing your Multi-Passionate Nature with Natalie Miller

February 1, 2023

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Today on the Multi-Passionate Mastery podcast, let’s talk about embracing your multi-passionate nature. It’s not something to push again, it’s something to celebrate! But depending on how you think about the many gifts and talents that you have, you might have a difficult time fulling embracing your multi-passionate energy. That’s where SPELLS come in.

Whether you consider yourself “witchy” or not, you’re always casting spells. The thoughts you have going on auto-pilot are spells. The thoughts you intentionally choose to move into a better-feeling place are also spells.

These spells either guide you toward your ideal self or away from them.

Today I’m super excited to bring you a special guest and master spell-caster, Natalie Miller, to chat about how to use your thoughts and intentions as a positive force in your life as a multi-passionate.

Together Natalie and I conjured up a conversation about:

  • How being a multi-passionate has impacted Natalie’s life in both positive and challenging ways.

  • The power of setting and holding boundaries (and how to get started if you’re not quite there yet).

  • The genius behind the theme of Natalie’s Podcast, Mind Witchery.

  • How to cast a spell for embracing your multi-passionate magic.

You’re going to love this one. Press play and let’s get to it!

😍 About our Guest 😍

Natalie Miller is a master-certified mindset coach for feminist changemakers. She helps powerful people create the lives and Work they really want, by holding warm, generous space while she asks good, hard questions. Natalie is a savvy, experienced coach and mentor for coaches, and a truth-telling, perspective-broadening partner for thought leaders.

Links mentioned in this episode:

  • Connect with Natalie on Instagram: @msnataliem

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Cast a Spell for Embracing your Multi-Passionate Nature with Natalie Miller


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