Special Announcement! Become a Founding Member of Prioritize and Thrive

February 21, 2022

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Become a founding member of Prioritize and Thrive, the program that helps multi-passionates create clear priorities so they can finally break free from the pressure of wanting to do “all the things” at once. There are 20 spots available for this opportunity. Click HERE to join!

I want to coach you.

I want to coach you on how to create clear priorities so that you can finally break free from the pressure of wanting to do all the things at once.

I want to coach you on this because I know that you have powerful, impactful work to share with the world. And I know that your multi-passionate approach to sharing these gifts is unique and so needed. 

I know that you’re here to make an impact.

And I know that it can feel really overwhelming trying to figure out:

  • What should you start with first? 
  • Are you working on the right thing? 
  • Is there a specific order to do things in? 
  • How do you know which idea to act on right now?

You’re not alone in wanting answers to those questions.

If you’re trying to figure it all out without having a system in place or method that you can follow, you’re likely questioning every move you make which is holding you back from creating meaningful momentum in your life and work.

Once you understand how to create clear priorities you’ll sing a new song that goes something like:

 Not only am I working on the right thing at the right time. But what I’m working on now is going to give me even more knowledge, skills, energy, vibrance, and excitement for the thing that comes next.

How juicy would it feel to be able to say that?!


Prioritize and Thrive coaching program for multi-passionate creatives joi knows how multi-passionate, D'Ana Joi

Your Transformation

When you learn the Priority Mapping Method that I teach inside of the Prioritize and Thrive, you’ll experience ease as you move from one project/idea to the next and it will be an energizing, fun, and fulfilling process for you as a multi-passionate creative.

You’ll no longer have to question if what you’re working on is the “right thing” or feel overwhelmed by your many ideas. You’ll also gain a major confidence boost from gaining momentum and finally being able to finish what you start. The best part is that you won’t have to sacrifice your multi-passionate nature at all! Can I get an amen?!

Prioritize and Thrive coaching program for multi-passionate creatives joi knows how multi-passionate, D'Ana Joi

This is your official invitation to join the founding member cohort of Prioritize and Thrive!

Benefits of being a founding member:

  • You’ll get to experience the program before anyone else. I’m going to be creating the content for the course section of this program in real time and releasing it weekly (we start March 4th). 
  • The questions and insights that you bring to our bi-weekly coaching calls will directly impact the content that is created in the program. This is the most curated version of the program that will ever exist! 
  • You’ll move through the program in an intimate cohort of 20 people which will create an environment of community and loving accountability.

  • Get coaching from me for a FULL YEAR!
  • Maintain access to all course content for a full year (starting from the day you join).
  • PLUS, choose the pay in full option and you’ll save $300!

Founding member enrollment closes on March 4th and doors won’t open again until later this year. If this feels like a yes for you, go grab one of those spots. It’s gonna be a freaking blast! I can’t wait to help you Prioritize and Thrive.

Questions? Email us at


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