“Two Manifestors in One Room” an original song by D’Ana Joi [Interlude]

March 2, 2022

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Welcome to another interlude episode! These episodes are my chance to share one of my greatest passions: singing, writing original songs and playing instruments.



Truthfully, I almost didn’t share this one because of all the self-doubt crap my brain was spitting at me. But I know that every time I show up and share this passion of mine with you, I’m giving you radical permission to go out into the world and share YOUR gifts and talents.

I hope you enjoy this song about falling in love but being too afraid to share the words (featuring a very rare instance of me playing the keyboard instead of the ukulele)!


Song: “Two Manifestors in One Room” (Original song by D’Ana Joi)



It’s too soon to say I love you

but this song should do the trick

I hope you listen to every word

when I look up into your eyes

I think God damn this is it

and blow a kiss to the universe


what are the odds you’d be there that night

and I’d ask you to dance

we hit the floor like lovers do

then you come back in to find me

drunk and alone without my friends

taking you home felt like the right thing to do


but is it too soon too soon

I know you feel it too

is it too soon too soon

to say those words to you


and what are the chances

we’d spend the whole next day

find out where the exact same age

every subject same on the page

and these weekdays

they keep us apart there in the way

wrapped in your arms I want to stay

I want to be where you are


is it too soon to want to be your Valentine

start making plans for June, July

when we are not in February yet

I won’t forget the night we met

I never question that

but sometimes I wonder if it’s  too soon


too soon too soon

I know you feel it

I know you’re in it too

Never too soon

two manifestors in one room


they could never be never be

never be too soon




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INTERLUDE: "Two Manifestors in One Room" an original song by D'Ana Joi, Joi Knows How



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