What it ACTUALLY Takes to Start your Own Business as a Multi-Passionate with Michelle Ward

October 26, 2022

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Have you ever wondered what it ACTUALLY takes to start a business as a multi-passionate?

Today we’re chatting with my favorite business coach, Michelle Ward, about exactly that!

Tune in to get Michelle’s takes on:

  • Why owning your own business is a good career choice for multi-passionates.

  • What multi-passionates THINK will be a roadblock to starting their business that’s actually more solvable than they realize.

  • How multi-passionates can make important decisions about starting their business, even if they want to do “all the things.”


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😍 About Michelle 😍

Michelle Ward is a business coach and CEO of 90 Day Business Launch. Since 2008, she’s helped hundreds of women launch their service-based dream businesses so they can become their own damn boss. You may have seen or heard her in New York Magazine, NY Post, The Huffington Post, USA Today, or hundreds of other media outlets.

When she’s not coaching, teaching or speaking, she can be found watching her daughter play hockey, sitcom-binging with her husband, listening to Lizzo, or belting out show tunes.

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