3 Mistakes I Made as a Multi-Passionate that Stopped me from Having Clear Priorities

August 3, 2022

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These 3 mistakes got in the way of me having clear priorities for YEARS as someone who’s highly multi-passionate. Let’s talk about how to avoid them.

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Multi-Passionate Mistake #1: Feeling like all of my ideas needed to be acted upon at the same time

I didn’t want my ideas to gather dust, so I start taking action on all of them at once. After all, shouldn’t I be able to “do it all” as a multi-passionate?

These are the thoughts that kept me making these mistakes:

I was worried that if you didn’t act on all of my ideas, someone else would get to them before me.

I was afraid that I would lose interest if you didn’t get started NOW.
I was concerned that something else would come along and distract me.

There was an INTENSE sense of urgency and it was really stressful. The result was that I would take action on everything and nothing would actually get done.

Luckily, I figured out a way to bring my ideas to life WITHOUT the urgency and finally started completing my projects. I break down exactly how I did it in this FREE training.

Multi-Passionate Mistake # 2: Thinking that a new planner was going to magically create clear priorities for me.

This one is kind of funny but I’ve done it SO many times. Once I would finally decide that I wanted to get my priorities in order, the first thing I would do is go buy a new planner (and colorful pens and stickers).
It turns out that trying to outsource my ability to create priorities to a planner, was keeping me from having a PROCESS for creating priorities that actually worked for me as a multi-passionate.

Eventually, I stopped buying new planners and focused on creating a system that I call The Priority Mapping Method.

It’s the same method you’ll learn when you check out my FREE TRAINING! Click HERE to get started.

Multi-Passionate Mistake #3: Choosing something to prioritize but second-guessing myself so often that I end up doing something else instead.

Ugh. So I would finally figure out what to prioritize, but then I would hit a roadblock and start thinking thoughts like:

How do I know if this is the right thing?

Am I even going to be able to stick with this long-term?

I haven’t been able to complete anything in the past, what’s going to make this any different?

When all that self-doubt was present my other ideas would start looking REAL GOOD.

If you’re multi-passionate, I know you can relate to this mistake. Shiny object syndrome gets the best of us when we’re already second-guessing ourselves.

I FINALLY cracked the code on this when I started focusing MORE on gaining momentum, tracking my progress, and celebrating my wins along the way, and LESS on doubting myself.

How to avoid these mistakes

You can avoid ALL of these mistakes and more by learning a simple, repeatable process I created specifically for multi-passionates called: The Priority Mapping Method. I break it all down in my free training. Register HERE for instant access and I’ll see you over there!

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These 3 mistakes got in the way of me having clear priorities for YEARS as someone who’s highly multi-passionate. podcast for multi-passionates, multi-passionate mastery


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