There’s more to life than running a business with Mel the Oracle

July 20, 2022

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This is an interview unlike anything you’ve heard before. Really, it’s more of a candid conversation between myself and my dear friend, Mel the Oracle, that we’re inviting you to listen in on while we chat about how there is more to life than running a business.

In today’s episode, Mel and I chat about how there’s SO much more to life than running a business and what fully embracing that means as a multi-passionate person.

Listen in to get fresh perspectives on:

  • Unconventional ways to measure success.

  • How to check in with yourself BEYOND how your business is going.

  • How being overly identified with your business can stunt your personal growth.

  • Self-care tips for the entrepreneurial spirit.

  • So much more that’s hard to put into words!

Get ready for a mind-opening conversation that you may want to listen to more than once and chat about with a friend.

About our guest:

Melanie has spent the last 7 years as a multidimensional healing facilitator, embodiment guide, movement artist, and mentor for BIPOC and awakening women. In March 2022, Melanie entered into a business sabbatical as a practice of radical self-care for mental, emotional, and spiritual/energetic renewal.

Links Mentioned in this Episode:

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Instagram >> @Meltheoracle

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Connect on Instagram >> @Multipassionatejoi


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There’s more to life than running a business with Mel the Oracle, podcast for multi-passionates, multi-passionate mastery


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