3 Ways to Prioritize Rest as a Multi-Passionate

November 30, 2022

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Hey, multi-passionate! Let’s explore how you can prioritize rest and make it a non-negotiable aspect of your life.

This is the FINALE episode of season 2 of the Multi-Passionate Mastery podcast. I produce my podcast in seasons because it allows me to prioritize rest and make sure that I’m honoring my creative process as a result.

So, it felt fitting to talk about how YOU can prioritize rest as a multi-passionate in this closing episode of the season. 

  • What does your relationship with rest currently look like? 

  • Do you set aside time to rest without any guilt, or are you waiting until you have everything “figured out” before you allow yourself to take a break and enjoy a period of rest?

  • And have you decided that resting only means taking a nap/doing nothing, or have you considered more active ways to rest as well?

These are the questions that today’s episode will help you answer. 

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3 Ways to Prioritize Rest as a Multi-Passionate


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