Welcome to Season 2! Let’s talk about the Priority Mapping Method

June 8, 2022

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Welcome to season 2! I missed you so so much. I took a break to finish up a season of focus on building out my signature group coaching program, Prioritize and Thrive, which you’ll be hearing plenty about this season! I also created a new free training for you, which I’ll tell you more about as we get into this episode.

To kick off this season, I’m super excited to introduce you to the Priority Mapping Method. We’re going to do an overview of it today and as we get further into this season.

What is the Priority Mapping Method?

The Priority Mapping Method is a simple, repeatable process for breaking free from the pressure of wanting to do “all the things” at once and bringing your ideas to life on a completely stress-free timeline. How this method came about: If you’ve been listening to the podcast since the beginning (shout out to all my day ones!), then you know that we talked a lot about how to focus as multi-passionate.

And focus is a part of this new method as well, but after talking to many multi-passionates in my community, I realized that many of you were not just wanting to know how to focus, but how to know WHAT to focus on.

In many of the conversations that I had the same thing kept coming up:

I don’t know which idea to act on.

I’m not sure how to prioritize.

And I wish there was a system for measuring one idea against a different one.

What you were asking for a system, a method, a PROCESS, for creating clear priorities that would help you FINALLY break free from the pressure of wanting to bring forward all of your amazing ideas at the same time and getting burnt out as a result.

The Priority Mapping Method is that system. It has 3 parts, and I’ve created a beautiful course that breaks it down step-by-step which you get immediate access to when you join Prioritize and Thrive. If you want to learn this method fully with me as your coach to walk you through it all, then you’ll definitely want to join us inside of Prioritize and Thrive.

Click this link to learn how you can do that.

Now, let’s go over the 3 phases that make up the Priority Mapping Method.

Phase 1 of the Priority Mapping Method is Cultivating Clarity

Clarity first, priorities second.

Without knowing who you are and what you want, it’s going to be VERY difficult to create clear priorities for yourself, and that’s why the method begins here.

The course goes over how to create clarity on a MACRO level by learning your Human Design and also cultivating clarity on a MICRO level by sharing various practices that you can integrate into your daily life that create an environment for clarity to thrive.

How does learning your Human Design help you cultivate more clarity?

I’m super excited to have the featured Human Design mentor inside of Prioritize and Thrive, Krystal Woods, on the show later this season to really dive deep into this subject, but for now I’m going to give you some personal examples of how Human Design can help you cultivate clarity. I’m a Human Design Manifestor and before learning that about myself, I thought that I had a terrible work ethic. I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t cranking out work like everyone else!

After learning my Human Design, I understood that being able to produce work on a consistent basis isn’t how my energy works.

Instead, I create when I have an urge followed by a big burst of energy, and after that, I need to time to rest and reset so that I can receive the next urge.

You can imagine how my entire life began to make sense when I found this out. I also learned that Manifestors are designed to initiate, not necessarily to “keep things going.” So this helped me to see why my energy is at it’s peak during the beginning of a project and showed me where I can seek out outside support from those with other Human Design types to help me keep projects going long-term.

Before learning your Human Design, you might think that you’re making aligned decisions because something looks good on paper, but after learning your Human Design, you’ll have a personal roadmap of how your energy works and you’ll be able to make decisions from a much more empowered place of massive clarity.

There are 5 different Human Design types, AND everyone’s chart is unique to them based on their birth time, date and location. I know it sounds like a lot and to be honest it can be quite a rabbit hole!

That’s why I decided to bring in a certified Human Design practitioner to teach my clients inside of Prioritize and Thrive everything they need to know to get to get started with learning their Human Design and utilizing their newfound knowledge to help them cultivate clarity.

The next phase of the Priority Mapping Method is “stacking your priorities”

I know you’re thinking “stacking priorities,” what the heck is that?! Allow me to explain.

“Stacking priorities” is a term that I coined to explain the process of choosing which of your ideas can come first and which can come next. This is not the same as “choose one thing.”

What Priority Stacking helps you to do is begin to look not just at the idea that you’re considering but also what skills you’ll need or that you’ll gain, how much energetic bandwidth it will require, and whether or not it’s related to anything you’ve currently got going on.

When you start to look at your ideas this way, there’s less mind drama involved.

It’s a more holistic approach to knowing which order to do things in.

Inside of the course, I have an entire workbook dedicated to helping you work thought this process.

And we’re going to have a full episode dedicated to priority stacking soon, but for now I want to remind you that you’re already doing this.

Maybe you wash the dishes or load the dishwasher after your last meal of the day so that you don’t have to be at the sink multiple times throughout your day. That’s a priority stack.

I decided to wait to release season 2 until AFTER I had my new free training created because I wanted to use the podcast as a way to tell you about it. That’s a priority stack.

Anytime you prioritize one thing to create a more easeful experience overall, you’re stacking your priorities.

The last phase of the Priority Mapping Method is focusing to follow through

So now you’ve cultivated clarity and you have a simple process for choosing your priorities, what now?

Now, we want to make sure that you don’t just get excited about your newfound clarity but that you begin to gain meaningful momentum on the priorities that you’ve chosen so that you can get your work out into the world, whatever that work may be.

If you’ve been listening since season one, then you know that my approach to focusing as multi-passionate is much more nuanced than learning how to “concentrate” on the task in front of you.

Inside of the Priority Mapping Method, we use a blend of techniques to help you stay focused on the priority that you’ve set and ENJOY the process because you’re doing so in a way that works for you, not in the way that some book told you to, and not following any strict rules such as only working 4 hours per week.

The method not only uses the 3-Part Focus Framework that we talked about at length during season one but also introduces the use of Seasons of Focus and the 4 focus archetypes, which is an entirely NEW process that’s only available inside of my program, Prioritize and Thrive.

If you want access to that and the rest of the Priority Mapping Method, click this link to join us!

Let’s recap

So now you know the 3 phases that make up the Priority Mapping Method and how this method came about. I hope that as we continue to explore these topics throughout the season that you’ll start to see that being multi-passionate doesn’t mean that you have to constantly be battling that pressure to want to do “all the things” at once.

You can bring your ideas to life on a completely stress-free timeline and choose priorities in a way that feels fun and energizing for you.


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