Time Management is NOT the Answer to your Problems as a Multi-Passionate

November 16, 2022

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Shocking news: Time management is NOT the answer to all of your problems as a multi-passionate. Hear me out.

You have many passions, many talents, many interests, and you want to share various aspects of yourself with the world as a multi-passionate.

I LOVE that about you, but I know it leaves you asking these questions:

  1. How can you do all the things you want to do without feeling overwhelmed? 
  2. How can you break out of the perpetual feeling of needing to “catch up” or being “behind?”
  3. How can you get past the feeling of there never being enough time?

You may think that learning “time management” is the answer, but today I want to go a step deeper and talk about something that’s MORE important than time management when you’re a multi-passionate person.

Tune in and get ready for a potent shift in perspective.

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How can you do all the things you want to do without feeling overwhelmed? You may think that time management is the answer, but it isn't! Try this instead. podcast for multi-passionates, multi-passionate mastery
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