Quickie: What’s working well enough?

July 13, 2022

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This quickie is for those times when you find yourself stuck in a rut.

Maybe you’ve just had a bad day, or maybe there’s something happening in the world at large that’s really got you feeling down in the dumps.

And usually when we find ourselves in these darker places, the advice that we get is to turn toward gratitude, to think about all the things that we’re grateful for, so that we can lift our moods and start to shift our perspective.

But sometimes gratitude can be a really far jump from where you start. Right?

If you’re feeling dark, if you’re feeling depressed, if you’re feeling hopeless, if you’re feeling like nothing’s working and you’re just having a shitty day, going all the way to gratitude can feel like total bullshit, and it can almost make you even more angry.

So what I suggest you try instead is to think about: what’s working well enough? What’s going okay?
Maybe you’re not in a state of deep gratitude and thinking about the abundance of things that are going well in your life, but can you take a few moments, maybe go for a walk around the block and just think about what’s working well enough?

Do you have a bunch of clean clothes that you can put on? Great. That’s working well enough.

Is there something you can eat that you really enjoy, even if it’s a piece of toast with your favorite jam? That’s working well enough.

Are you just happy that you have a podcast to listen to that boosts your spirits a little bit, even though maybe it’s not taking you to a place of deep, abundant gratitude? Cool. That’s working well enough.

Can you scream into a pillow to let out some of your frustration? Hey, that works well enough.

Try that first stay in that energy for a little while, and then I promise eventually you’ll get to that place of feeling gratitude and all of those yummy feelings, but sometimes you’ve got to start with what’s working well enough.

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