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The podcast for multi-passionates who are ready to embrace their talents as a gift, not a burden.

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About the Multi-Passionate Mastery Podcast

Welcome to the podcast where creatives come to embrace their talents as a gift, not a burden. Together we'll explore how to finally make friends with focus, ditching overwhelm and idea fatigue once and for all, and how to be unapologetic about who you are as a multi-passionate.

I'm your host, D'Ana (dee-on-uh) Joi. I go by my middle name because the internet can't handle apostrophes (I know, so silly) and Joi is a great way to describe my overall energy anyway.

I'm a multi-passionate creative educator, speaker, writer, musician, and content creator.

My mission is to rewrite the narrative that "choosing one thing" is the only path to success, and inspire fellow multi-passionates to embrace their talents as a gift, not a burden.

I’m Joi - Lover of crystals and houseplants and mom to a very cute rescue pup named Chai.


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