You're not "all over the place," you're multi-passionate!

Let's talk about it.

If you're a person who has many talents, interests, passions and wants to do "all the things," the Multi-Passionate Mastery podcast is your new happy place.

Life coach for multi-passionates and host, D'Ana Joi, offers holistic approaches to common problems that multi-passionates face such as focus, prioritization, and feeling all over the damn place.

P U S H   P L A Y

I'm your host, D'Ana (dee-on-uh) Joi. I go by my middle name because the internet can't handle apostrophes (I know, so silly) and Joi is a great way to describe my overall energy anyway.

I'm a life coach for multi-passionates, speaker, writer, musician, and the person at the table who will send their meal back if they don't like it.

I teach people who THINK they’re “all over the place” a simple system for sorting through their ideas so they can see that they’re ACTUALLY multi-passionates who deserve to take up space.

Learn more about me at multipassionatejoi.com.

I’m Joi! Life coach for multi-passionates, new mom, unapologetic AF.


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