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How to Stop Feeling “Flaky” as a Multi-Passionate

February 15, 2023

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In today’s episode of the Multi-Passionate Mastery podcast, we’ll discuss mindset shifts and practical tips to help you stop feeling flaky as a multi-passionate and start feeling empowered to make choices for yourself without apologizing for it.

Do you ever feel like being multi-passionate makes you “flaky”, indecisive, or all-over-the-place?

That’s probably because you have many talents, many interests, and a lot of OPTIONS which can you leave you trying things out only to decide later that it’s not the right thing for you.

But hear me out, you can change your mind often as a multi-passionate person WITHOUT making it mean that you’re “flaky.”

Specifically, there are three steps I encourage you to follow so that you can feel empowered to change your mind and make the best decisions for yourself without it meaning that you’re someone who “just can’t make up their mind.”

Tune in to hear more!

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How to Stop Feeling “Flaky” as a Multi-Passionate


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